Curaleaf Nano Drops Review

The 30mL bottle containing a total of 150mg THC retails for $30

Lately, I’ve been enjoying using the Nano THC Drops from Curaleaf. Here is a quick overview of the product:

  • Water-soluble THC drops can be mixed into any beverage
  • Nano technology allows for fast onset of effects
  • Taste isn’t bad when used moderately
  • Three flavors available: Lime, Grapefruit, Unflavored

When I first tried these drops I used them the wrong way – do not do what I did! I put the drops directly into my mouth instead of into a drink. The taste was not great. But on the plus side, when you use these drops correctly by mixing them into a drink and using around 2mL (10mg THC) per cup (8 fluid ounces) of beverage, they don’t taste bad at all. The taste of these drops – even the unflavored ones – is sweet; the kind of sweet is like that of a diet soda with artificial sweetener. My preferred mixer for these drops is flavored sparkling water. The result, with the drops mixed in, is a slightly sweetened version of the sparkling water.

Curaleaf, the MMTC that manufactures this product, has a blog post about nano molecular technology and what it means for “nano” products such as this one. According to the blog post, nanomolecular technology refers to extremely tiny, water-soluble cannabinoids, hence how the product is able to dissolve in water or other drinks. Also according to the blog, nano products work faster than other types of oral or edible products because you don’t have to wait for your body to digest them.

Overall, the taste isn’t bad when you use the ratio I listed above. 1mL of the product is worth 5mg of THC, and I typically add 2mL – so 10mg THC – to each of my drinks when I use this product.

The effects do seem to kick in rather quickly with this product. I feel like I can notice the effects by the time I’ve finished drinking the drink that I’ve put the drops into. The effects, for me, with around 10mg of THC in one cup, equal a relaxed feeling overall. This product would probably be great for anyone who wants to monitor their intake of THC carefully and those who micro-dose their medication.

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