Columbia Care Pre-Rolls

I recently picked up a five pack of pre-rolls from my local Columbia Care. I’m grateful for the consistent, top-notch customer service at my local store, as an aside. Anyway, let’s talk pre-rolls.

These pre-rolls burned well, down to the filter. No canoe-ing, nothing out of the ordinary when it came to how it burned.

The taste was pretty good; not too harsh or bad tasting, for a joint. Joints sometimes seem to have somewhat of a strong taste as the paper and cannabis burns, but these guys weren’t too bad. The strain was Mojito, a sativa-leaning strain that’s 80% sativa and 20% indica, according to the packaging label. THC percentage is 16.5%, also according to the label.

I would buy these again, perhaps the next time I am in need of pre-rolls. Since I’m not great at rolling my own joints and I prefer the 0.5g size joints as opposed to a full gram, this option from Columbia Care is a good one for me.

Retail price: $27 for a 5-pack of 0.5g-sized pre-rolls

Buy again?: Yes

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