Plants and pills aren’t mutually exclusive

We’ve heard it time and time again in the cannabis community: plants over pills! I absolutely think this saying has the spirit; after all, I for one am all for celebrating cannabis in just about any context, and if weed made you stop taking pills and that helped you? That’s awesome.

The thing that gets left out of plants over pills, though, is the idea that they can coexist in one’s life. And the people who use both cannabis and pills because they have to.

I’m definitely not saying you need both pills and plants in your life, or that anyone needs anything. I just know that there are some people who “find relief” from their symptoms through the use of a combination of herbal and traditional medicine. And I know because I’m one of them.

There was a time, shortly after I started using cannabis for medicinal purposes, that I decided to quit taking my prescribed medicines in an act of rebellion or something. An act of breaking free from big pharma, out of the grasp of these pills that I seemed to depend on. The thing is, I did depend on the pills I was taking then. They had been helping me, and when I went off of them, bad things happened. It took me months before I realized I couldn’t persist without certain medications.

It didn’t mean I had to stop using cannabis, necessarily. It just meant I needed to go back onto at least some of the medications I had been taking before. I decided I could live with that. I could live with taking certain prescribed meds, and I could keep using cannabis too. Why not?

All of this is to say, when it comes down to it, don’t let a saying like “plants over pills” sway you from doing what’s best for you. Everyone is unique, and we don’t all fit into the boxes that people set out for us. We don’t always do what people expect. And I have been using meds and cannabis together for several years now with positive results. Perhaps I’m one of the few, but I know I’m not the only one.

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