DabTabs are actually pretty cool

If you follow me on Instagram or YouTube you’ve probably already seen me use DabTabs or heard me talk about them. But I wanted to dive a little deeper in this post about what they are and how they work.

When I first heard about DabTabs, I almost completely wrote them off. It was just too new of an idea for me, and seemed weird. A ceramic tab that contains cannabis concentrate? I thought. But I recently became overly curious and decided to try them for myself, and I was actually impressed.

DabTabs are ”dablets” made of mineral-based porous ceramic that contain cannabis concentrate. As the name suggests, they are made for dabbing. Once heated (the recommended temperature range is 450-550 degrees F), the concentrate is released from the ceramic dablet, allowing it to be vaporized and inhaled. The concentrate doesn’t come out until then; the DabTabs are dry and smooth to the touch.

When I recently received a new dab rig (the Stache Rig in One), I knew it was time to finally try the DabTabs I had lying around from one of the times I visited Cannabist a while ago.

I dropped one of the DabTabs into the banger of the dab rig, and fired it up. After several seconds of heating, I could see the DabTab becoming glossy in appearance and concentrate was starting to leak out of it into the banger. Vapor started coming off of the DabTab. I started inhaling, and noticed the vapor was really smooth and pretty flavorful. I got about two big hits out of it and several smaller ones, before vapor stopped being produced and I needed to heat up the DabTab again. I turned on the torch and kept heating the banger until the DabTab started producing vapor again. Once again, I inhaled. I kept inhaling until I noticed the tab turning dark in color. I recalled from reading the FAQ page on the DabTab website that when a DabTab turned dark that meant it was spent. With tweezers, I removed the dablet from the banger and allowed it to cool off on a paper towel. Once cooled, I added it to the soil of my basil plant, because also from the DabTab website I learned that spent dablets could be used as a soil amendment, similar to perlite. After all, they are just biologically inert ceramic once all the cannabis concentrate has come out.

I feel like what makes DabTabs cool is that they’re pre-dosed (50mg THC each) and easy to transport and use. No dab tool required. No sticky mess. I feel like they’re kind of revolutionary in that way. Although, with regular dabs the messiness is typically not too bad, depending on what consistency or type of concentrate you’re using (I’ve been liking the Live Suga and its lack of messiness lately). I guess it’s just kind of cool that you can grab a DabTab with your fingers and not make any kind of mess. Plus, who doesn’t love something that’s reusable and could benefit our plant babies once it’s been used?

Would you ever try these?

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