Live Suga by Muse from Trulieve

Trulieve and Muse recently debuted their newest hydrocarbon cannabis extract, Live Suga. The Live Suga is made using a proprietary blend of butane and propane.

The consistency of this concentrate is granular, like sugar. It’s less sticky than many of Trulieve’s other concentrates, making it easy to work with and use.

I’ve enjoyed using this concentrate to help relax and unwind at the end of the day. I’ve been dabbing it using my Human Sucks Stinger nectar collector. The effects are strong and the taste is good, super terpy.

Have you ever dabbed cannabis concentrates before?

Trulieve begins carrying Muse vape cartridges

Trulieve has begun carrying Muse Live Sauz vape cartridges at all their Florida locations. At the time I’m writing this, there are four different strains in stock for delivery in my area: Skunk Ape, Granddaddy Purple, Grape Cake, and Mandarin Dream. The strain I picked up was Grape Cake, a strain I’ve had in flower before and enjoyed.

The first thing that I noticed about the Live Sauz cartridge product was the packaging. I love the modern and sleek look of the text on the box and the little bottle that the cartridge comes in.

The next thing I noticed was how smooth the contents of the cartridge are when vaped. I also noticed the natural tasting cannabis flavor that emanated from the cartridge.

Overall I’m really happy with the Live Sauz cart that I tried and look forward to seeing more from this brand at Trulieve.

Have you tried the new Muse Live Sauz carts?

Trulieve TruTonic – THC cannabis powder you can drink

I’m sad that I just used my last packet of this! Trulieve came out with this product in November and I don’t think they’ve restocked since they sold out, but I had a packet lying around from that initial launch, so I used it just a moment ago. The powder came in two different flavors – Florida Orange and Black Cherry. It was a colorless powder that came in individual packets, meant to be mixed with water and drank. As someone who loves cannabis but doesn’t love smoking it, I really appreciate this product. It is a discreet way to consume your cannabinoids with no smoking required. With nano technology, this product has an onset time that won’t keep you waiting too long to feel effects. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this product, hoping Trulieve will restock it eventually. Have you tried this one?

Müv Ice Cream Cake Cannabis Review

With New Year’s Eve around the corner, I wanted to make sure I had some flower on hand to help ring in the new year. So today I decided to pick up an eighth of tier 1 flower in the strain Ice Cream Cake from Müv.

The nugs are dense – smaller than I expected, but dense. Their coloring is a beautiful blend of deep purples and greens. The buds are covered in sparkling trichomes.

This morning I was feeling some heightened anxiety over things both in and out of my control, so I was relieved to sit down and pack a bowl when I did.

After just a few hits, I was melting into a relaxed state and feeling far more calm than I had been before.

I could see this strain being helpful during more anxious times, like it was today for me. 

Have you tried the strain Ice Cream Cake?

Müv Rosemary Mint Hydrating Lotion Review

Müv Rosemary Mint Hydrating Lotion Review

2020 is full of surprises. If I said I thought I’d find a quality skincare product nestled in amongst a line of medical marijuana products, I’d be lying. No offense to the cannabis industry whatsoever; I know there is a lot of product formulation magic happening behind the scenes of the legal pot industry at any given moment, and I have a lot of respect for the people involved in that.

I just thought lotion would be a bit of an after thought for a dispo, but after trying Müv’s Rosemary Mint Hydrating Lotion on a whim and then reading the ingredients like the curious one that I am, I was floored and delighted by what I found.

The list? It goes a little something like: Aloe leaf juice, safflower oil, vegetable emulsifiers, organic rose hip oil, squalene, shea butter, cannabis extract, green tea, vitamin E, potassium sorbate and natural fragrance.

The lotion’s first ingredient is aloe

At $20 for the 1.7fl oz. bottle, I don’t know what I was expecting but aloe juice as the first ingredient was not it. I’m impressed, as I think that’s the mark of a highly moisturizing lotion. And the results are there. After the first try I could tell this was something special. Now I slather it on myself nightly and it lives on my nighstand, or next to my person at all times (it’s lying next to my iPad as I type this).

2020, man. It’s not all bad.

Müv Strain-Specific RSO Tincture Review

This tincture oil from Müv has just a few ingredients: strain-specific RSO, MCT oil, sunflower oil, and peppermint oil. The taste is mild, and pleasant overall. According to the packaging, each drop contains about 1 milligram of THC. On the dropper, there are markings for different increments up to 1ml. The packaging doesn’t say how much THC is in a full, 1-ml dropper (the whole bottle is worth 30ml of product). I figured out that 10 drops is about half a milliliter. Using this math, we can probably assume that the full dropper is worth about 20 drops. Either way, the one drop = 1mg dosing method seems pretty straightforward so patients can always use that in order to dose very accurately.

I can tell you from experience that taking a full 1ml dropper is enough for at least me to feel effects, and strong ones. The effects for me after consuming a 1ml dropper full of the tincture oil included feeling relaxed but still with mental clarity, in a good mood, and a lot of physical relaxation. It’s been about an hour and fifteen minutes since I consumed the 1ml dropper, and effects are currently in full swing. Since it’s nighttime, I’m feeling pretty good about how this tincture is effecting me, but if it were daytime I would need to use less of this in order to efficiently function during work hours.

Perhaps the RSO is what makes this tincture so effective, being that RSO is a full spectrum extract containing a multitude of cannabinoids, terpenes and minor cannabinoids. All I know is it’s pretty early and I’m already ready for bed. Though, I could see myself staying up and relaxing with a book or some other light entertainment before that.

Seeing is this product is easy to use and dose, is very effective, and can be found in different strains at various Müv locations, I would definitely use this again in the future.

Columbia Care Pre-Rolls

I recently picked up a five pack of pre-rolls from my local Columbia Care. I’m grateful for the consistent, top-notch customer service at my local store, as an aside. Anyway, let’s talk pre-rolls.

These pre-rolls burned well, down to the filter. No canoe-ing, nothing out of the ordinary when it came to how it burned.

The taste was pretty good; not too harsh or bad tasting, for a joint. Joints sometimes seem to have somewhat of a strong taste as the paper and cannabis burns, but these guys weren’t too bad. The strain was Mojito, a sativa-leaning strain that’s 80% sativa and 20% indica, according to the packaging label. THC percentage is 16.5%, also according to the label.

I would buy these again, perhaps the next time I am in need of pre-rolls. Since I’m not great at rolling my own joints and I prefer the 0.5g size joints as opposed to a full gram, this option from Columbia Care is a good one for me.

Retail price: $27 for a 5-pack of 0.5g-sized pre-rolls

Buy again?: Yes

Curaleaf Nano Drops Review

The 30mL bottle containing a total of 150mg THC retails for $30

Lately, I’ve been enjoying using the Nano THC Drops from Curaleaf. Here is a quick overview of the product:

  • Water-soluble THC drops can be mixed into any beverage
  • Nano technology allows for fast onset of effects
  • Taste isn’t bad when used moderately
  • Three flavors available: Lime, Grapefruit, Unflavored

When I first tried these drops I used them the wrong way – do not do what I did! I put the drops directly into my mouth instead of into a drink. The taste was not great. But on the plus side, when you use these drops correctly by mixing them into a drink and using around 2mL (10mg THC) per cup (8 fluid ounces) of beverage, they don’t taste bad at all. The taste of these drops – even the unflavored ones – is sweet; the kind of sweet is like that of a diet soda with artificial sweetener. My preferred mixer for these drops is flavored sparkling water. The result, with the drops mixed in, is a slightly sweetened version of the sparkling water.

Curaleaf, the MMTC that manufactures this product, has a blog post about nano molecular technology and what it means for “nano” products such as this one. According to the blog post, nanomolecular technology refers to extremely tiny, water-soluble cannabinoids, hence how the product is able to dissolve in water or other drinks. Also according to the blog, nano products work faster than other types of oral or edible products because you don’t have to wait for your body to digest them.

Overall, the taste isn’t bad when you use the ratio I listed above. 1mL of the product is worth 5mg of THC, and I typically add 2mL – so 10mg THC – to each of my drinks when I use this product.

The effects do seem to kick in rather quickly with this product. I feel like I can notice the effects by the time I’ve finished drinking the drink that I’ve put the drops into. The effects, for me, with around 10mg of THC in one cup, equal a relaxed feeling overall. This product would probably be great for anyone who wants to monitor their intake of THC carefully and those who micro-dose their medication.